Product description:

All cough in vain jewellery collections are made of a selection of top materials,by using silver 925,18k gold or platinum(special materials will be particularly marked),plus another layer of 18k gold/platinum plated on top.

*all metal products cannot avoid oxidation and fade,choose products that made of pure gold/platinum for a long lasting quality*

Your careful daily maintenance for the jewellery will always keep it a longer life expectancy and better appearance.

Maintenance description

General Care Instrutions

Since the precious metal layer is very thin,if the jewellery get wet with water,soap,perfume,lotion and other chemicals,wipe it immediately with a soft cloth;do not wear jewellery when you are going to shower,swimming or do some strenuous physical activity;remove the plated jewellery when you sleep at night to reduce contact with bare skin;store jewellery in a dry place and separate from other plated jewellery(either you keep them in individual pouches or separate them in the jewellery box);use silver cloth to carefully wipe the surface if the jewellery does get oxidized,to enhance its luster again.