COUGH IN VAIN presents OBSIDIAN, an art exhibition project at FIU Gallery in Shanghai from 28 Sep to 13 Oct 2019.

A series of installations and visual contents by the artist Wang NewOne incorporating functional elements and multimedia objects. 

Meanwhile, these works explore the complexity of Seven Luminaries, a term by the ancient Chinese referring to the sun,the moon and the five visible plants and transform these elements into concrete physical forms.





Live absent of fear, lost without quandary, faded but not vanished.
Ashes as ashes, formless, fractal, ever smoldering.
Ashes as man, dust in a vast void.
Infinitesimal yet infinite.
Immortal Ashes, beget eternal flames.
Degraded then born, ceaseless combustion, enduring reconstruction, ever reborn.


Cough in vain published its very first concept show “Reborn” in XCOMMONS, Taikoo Hui Shanghai on March 31. We invited several artists to set up this stage show which involved various medium including dancing, 3D image, original music, and equipment.


Accessories’ inspiration was derived from different facial and make-up modeling in Peking opera. We used metal construction to present facial pattern as well as reformed opera character’s whiskers, temple hair and other head prop. Trying to extend the show by redesigning construction in contemporary language.



Extracting meaning of “cocoon-break”, using 2000 gemstones and costing hundreds of hours to knit the net by handmade, cloaking the net as cocoon, ever reborn.


Stage/ Visual/ Equipment

Specially invited ICU studio to produce 3D image, presenting virtual character & scene by live LED screen.


“Constant dripping of water wears away the stone”

From “He Lin Yu Lu”, designer Kang Heng engraved special foam into a massive black rock placed on the right side of stage, dripping tool on top, operating through the entire show, expressing infinitesimal, eternal, and immortalization.


Special cooperation with costume designer Tan Fengyi with her TBL line, extracting meaning of mystery and restrain from orient to make all dancers’ costume.


Visual design:Di Liu&ICU
Music producer:Han han
Choreography:De Li/ Xilong Zhang
Dancer:De Li/ Xilong Zhang/ Xuchen Hou/ Xiaomeng Li/ Sylvie
ClothingDesign:The body lab by Fengyi Tan
Stone design:Heng Kang
VideoCoordinator:Xiaoyang Jin
Stage design:Xubi Ye
Stage manager:Gangting Qiu